Before you book, here are some things you need to know :

  • Boarding/Departure at the airport is done at the terminal communicated by the client when he made the booking.
  • Child seats are provided by our company.
  • The Wifi password can be obtained by asking the driver.
  • It's mandatory that the client should be present at the boarding place half an hour earlier ./li>
  • Passing the boarder with alcohol and cigarettes is done according to legislation as follows : 1 L stamped alcohol /person, two packs of cigarettes/person



In our opinion, safety is the most important aspect so we take measures from the divers hiring to picking the best cars for our fleet. Drivers are tested vigorously despite their previously experience and our cars have the highest safety rating in Euro NCAP tests for road safety.


Connectivity has an important role in everyone's life. Some of us want to stay in touch with the loved ones, some to keep the things rolling in our business and some just want a way to pass the time easier, we offer free Wifi internet on your entire journey regardless of country.

 Smart Bus Concept

Represents our effort to ensure you the best travel conditions and also to reduce the costs trough the implementation of a route optimization system and a system for managing the bookings.

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